Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Your AV is Trying to Tell You Something: VBN's Part 3

This post will focus on record type 0 VBN's. Record type 0 VBN's also contain quarantine data. I recently discovered these files which lead to figuring out how to tell the different VBN files apart. I am unsure of what causes the different record types. Record type 0 starts out like any other VBN with the VBN Metadata structure. After that, they contain their own unique structures as follows:

  • QData Location (XORed with 0x5A) *Optional
  • Quarantine Data (XORed with 0x5A)
  • QData Info (XORed with 0x5A) *Optional
As before, if we grab the first four bytes of the VBN Metadata, it will bring us to the next structure. If the structure starts with 0xCE20AAAA06000000, The QData Location structure is present.

QData Location

The QData Location structure contains the offset to the quarantine data, size of the structure, the size of the QData Info structure and some unknown data that has always been all 0's, in my case.

If we add together the the first four bytes of the VBN Metadata and the Quarantine Data Offset, this will bring us to the Quarantine Data. (Unless QData Location is not present, we would already be there)

Quarantine Data

Unlike with record type 2 VBN's, the quarantine data is not divided into chunks. The data will be stored as it was on disk. Making it much easier to extract the data.

QData Info

QData Info will be present if the QData Location structure is also present. QData Info contains data which appears to be in ASN.1 format but I have had a harder time parsing it out into individual sections.

new 1

Record Type 0

QData Location (Optional)

Offset Length Field Description
0 8 Header QData location header, 00000006aaaa20ce
8 8 Quarantine Data Offset Offset to start of quarantine data
16 8 QData Location Size Size of QData Location
24 4 QData Info Size Size of QData Info from end of quarantine data to EOF
28 Data Offset - 28 Unknown Will require further investigation as to the purpose of this entry.

Quarantine Data

Offset Length Field Description
0 Varies Data Quarantine data

QData Info (Optional)

Offset Length Field Description
0 8 Header QData info header
8 8 QData Info Size Size of QData info
16 QData Info Size - 16 QData Additional information about the quarantine data

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